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By "misread" I don't mean a case in which a reader constructs an interpretation different from my own (i.e., contrary to "the author's"), but the active alteration of the basic "facts" of the story (usually in the service of creating an interpretation that the story could otherwise not sustain). Let me offer two examples, both appearing in reviewers' discussions of my short fiction. In one case, with respect to "Bettina's Bet," the reviewer altered the crime with which the eponymous character was charged and convicted from bodily mutilation to murder, which was a very peculiar thing to do since the story makes clear that the victim of the crime is still alive. In another case, with respect to "Living Trust," the reviewer changed the occupation of a major character from software developer (who has a history of receiving death threats from physicians his software has put out of work) to physician. In both cases the reviewer did not come close to describing the story I had written.

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