Science Fiction and Utopias by Women, 1818-1949: A Chronology

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A Few Thoughts on Writing The Silences of Ararat
Armadillocon interview
Madeleine Rose Dimond and Christopher N. Brown interviewed L. Timmel Duchamp before a live audience at Armadillocon 37 on July 25, 2015.
Creating the "Second Self": Performance, Gender, and Authorship
The Matter of Tongues: L. Timmel Duchamp's WisCon 32 Guest of Honor Speech
The Prick of Political Imagination: on Writing The Red Rose Rages (Bleeding)
Carol Emshwiller: An Appreciation
That Only a Feminist: Reflections on Women, Feminism and Science Fiction, 1818-1960
for a genealogy of feminist sf
Science Fiction and Utopias by Women, 1818-1949: A Chronology
The Stories of Our Lives
a consideration of the plausibilities, possibilities, and politics of narrative
What Makes Fiction Hopeful?
a few thoughts on where hope is to be found
The Ministry of Whimsy Interview
in which L. Timmel Duchamp discusses her work
The Artist as a Young Girl
in which L.Timmel Duchamp meditates on passion and discipline, mastery and euphoria